My goal for you? 
To simplify your path to leading a holistic lifestyle.

In return you will naturally improve your mind, mood and health to be the BEST version of you! 

This is Holistic Wellness Coaching & I’m so glad you’re here. Before I started Know Your Sensitivity, I was a working professional, just like you. I suffered years with Ulcerative Colitis and healed myself from the inside out. Western medicine has a place until you experience first-hand like I did – that it also has its limitations. 

Together, we will explore the profound connection between mind, body and spirit. I will share the tools provided to me over 15 years from various mentors that will TRANSFORM YOUR life. My goal for you? To simplify your path to leading a holistic lifestyle. Changing your narrative to your life is up to you. Embracing your narrative is a journey uniquely yours, and I am here to empathize and listen without judgement. On our journey, we will simplify things and lead you to a more holistic lifestyle.

Let’s laugh, feel good and happy together! Are you ready to get started?

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I'm so glad you're here.

"Working with Brooke Ann has been transformative. Before, I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from myself. Through our sessions, I now have tools I can apply myself.  She provided such support, helping me uncover patterns holding me back, and helping make my home space fresh and non-toxic.  I'm grateful for the progress I have made under her coaching.”

"Working with Brooke Ann has been transformative."

client reviews


"Brooke literally and intuitively came by and put her hand directly over where I'd been having back pain. I truly thought I was imagining it for the first 30 seconds or so! It was super healing and very cool."

"I truly thought I was imagining it."

client reviews


I felt so much lighter after your Chakra balancing and attunement. Thank you!

"I feel so much lighter."

client reviews


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