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This is holistic health coaching for anyone ready to take charge of their life again.


ready to experience life 

"Working with Brooke Ann has been transformative. Before, I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from myself. Through our sessions, I now have tools I can apply myself.  She provided such support, helping me uncover patterns holding me back, and helping make my home space fresh and non-toxic.  I'm grateful for the progress I have made under her coaching.”

"Working with Brooke Ann has been transformative."

client reviews


"Brooke literally and intuitively came by and put her hand directly over where I'd been having back pain. I truly thought I was imagining it for the first 30 seconds or so! It was super healing and very cool."

"I truly thought I was imagining it."

client reviews


I felt so much lighter after your Chakra balancing and attunement. Thank you!

"I feel so much lighter."

client reviews



Holistic Wellness

Holistic Health is a choice. It’s an option available to us often free and often overlooked.  We all have choices we need to make for our own self and what is best for us. Holistic Health comes into meaning when I talk about listening to your body.  When you work with a me as your guide and learn how to do this, you begin to learn the fabulous essence of your being! I help you become aware of the subtleties within you and you learn to let your body lead you on your path. It’s really amazing when you really make that connection- start believing it and then you begin to LIVE it! 



Mindset Coaching

It’s amazing how things just tie together when the right energetic vibes intertwine. Your mind though needs to be in the right vibration to accept these great syncronicities. The energy that exudes out of you, exudes around other people. The energy you put out, you attract. Do you believe this? If you have been led to my business you have been led here for a reason. It’s your job to learn how you will thrive in your new life you are driving for yourself and my job to make sure I teach you the tools you need to lead yourself. My coaching makes you accountable and will help you become the person you want to cross paths with and you will!


Holistic Wellness Retreats

I host up to 3 day retreats up and down the East Coast.  You will experience solitude in a new way through connection in the moment and also be able to learn the tools given and continue to apply them in your daily life.  Some retreats I offer will transform you, others will enlighten you and heighten your curiosities to lead you to your next path on your journey!  It is all up to you and the experience you are looking to create with KYS. 

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