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How are you today? Have you taken a moment to start your day with taking some deep breaths, stretching and being mindful of every vertebrae in your body that moves with each bend, twist and reach you make? What products have you used after your shower and applied on your skin? Have you started your […]


March 12, 2024

Quick Tips for Quick Changes to leading a Holistic Lifestyle!

How many milk alternatives can you name? How many have you used? What kind does each offer your sensitive soul? As dietary preferences evolve, the demand for creamy alternatives continues to rise. Join me as we explore the diverse world of milk alternatives, offering delicious options to elevate your culinary creations are vital to any […]


March 7, 2024

KYS Milky Way: Quick Guide to Cow Milk Alternatives for Recipe Enthusiasts

Dairy Free alternatives for Coffee and recipes