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Aura-Soma’s Unique Approach In the realm of holistic wellness, Aura-Soma stands out with its innovative use of color, plant, and crystal energies encapsulated in their signature Equilibrium bottles. These bottles are more than just visually stunning; they are tools designed to bring balance and vitality to your energetic system. What is Aura-Soma? Aura-Soma is a […]

Energy Work, Wellness

June 17, 2024

Have You Heard of Crystals in a Bottle?

You ever think that you would be able to hold YOGA in your hand? You can now! This product is so great for so many reasons. Some reasons I had to buy these suckers and give them a try is because I am obsessed with the vibrations from singing bowls but do not really have […]

Energy Work, Wellness

December 19, 2023

Bring your singing bowls with you!

Believing that everything and everyone exudes energy is super charging! If you really get deep into that thought and sit with it for a moment it can literally make you feel like you’ve just downed a super caffeinated drink! Which brings me to my point about an energetic exchange between people, family, friends, and pets! […]

Energy Work

September 27, 2023

Forgive Yourself, Let Go and Move Forward with Ho’oponopono