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Aura-Soma’s Unique Approach In the realm of holistic wellness, Aura-Soma stands out with its innovative use of color, plant, and crystal energies encapsulated in their signature Equilibrium bottles. These bottles are more than just visually stunning; they are tools designed to bring balance and vitality to your energetic system. What is Aura-Soma? Aura-Soma is a […]

Energy Work, Wellness

June 17, 2024

Have You Heard of Crystals in a Bottle?

Wellness is a choice and it is your choice! Put yourself first for not only you but your whole family can enjoy. Whether you have young teens in sports with sore muscles, a routine gym visit that turns into much needed recovery after a workout or plain and simple scrape of the skin that needs […]


March 28, 2024

Elevate Your Wellness Routine Red Light Therapy – My Second Addition to My Family

Today I Dive Into the Deep Blue Sea launching my energy healing business officially as known as “Know Your Sensitivity” Hearts A Healing! Visit: I am super excited to get started and share relevant information for improving your lifestyle which is all listed on my new website thoughtfully designed in collaboration with @StefanieOneill who […]

Holistic Announcement

August 28, 2023

KYS Energy Healing is Alive & Thriving