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I am not sure why it took me so long to think about getting on the band wagon of “wellness retreat” vacations just as I would think about regular vacations? Perhaps it is because we are so use to societal copy-cat and “follow the leader” strategies that it is mind-numbing to break the cycle of […]

Aromatherapy, Wellness

May 28, 2024

Wellness Retreats. What Are They & What Can They Do For Me?

How are you today? Have you taken a moment to start your day with taking some deep breaths, stretching and being mindful of every vertebrae in your body that moves with each bend, twist and reach you make? What products have you used after your shower and applied on your skin? Have you started your […]


March 12, 2024

Quick Tips for Quick Changes to leading a Holistic Lifestyle!

You ever think that you would be able to hold YOGA in your hand? You can now! This product is so great for so many reasons. Some reasons I had to buy these suckers and give them a try is because I am obsessed with the vibrations from singing bowls but do not really have […]

Energy Work, Wellness

December 19, 2023

Bring your singing bowls with you!

Keep your day job Or, maybe not. It’s up to you. How much of yourself loves your “job” you do “most” of the hours in your day? Whatever your function is you get paid for, you need to find peace or joy in it. You deserve this, every person deserves this. I know I needed […]


August 31, 2023

Keep Your Day Job! As long as you find Joy or Peace doing it

Today I Dive Into the Deep Blue Sea launching my energy healing business officially as known as “Know Your Sensitivity” Hearts A Healing! Visit: I am super excited to get started and share relevant information for improving your lifestyle which is all listed on my new website thoughtfully designed in collaboration with @StefanieOneill who […]

Holistic Announcement

August 28, 2023

KYS Energy Healing is Alive & Thriving